At Jabbado’s Kitchen, it is all about turning that mundane meal into a story-ladden experience, with little more than a good dose of imagination. In addition to that, the Gnome-Chef Jabbado has collected a number of recipes on his journeys, ranging from Orcish over Dwarven to Gnomish, and wants to share them with you. What else do you need to know about Jabbado’s Kitchen?


Who am I?

Hi, my name is Dominic and you might know me from sites like and Those two, pretty much.

Jabbado’s Kitchen is my culinary outlet, which also ties in to my roleplaying endeavours. I have cooked for my gaming group for years, and the idea to give well-known means a new flavor (pun intended) has led to a number of meals spend roleplaying and storytelling – which is what I want to encourage you to do, too!


Who is Jabbado?

Jabbado himself is a gnome who thinks it is awesome of you to check out his kitchen. Sure, he is made up, but that does not mean he cannot be genuinely grateful. On his journeys, Jabbado has collected a large number of recipes that he wants to share with you. From his time as an involuntary guest of various orc tribes to his time as assisting laboratory assistant, third grade, in the famous alchemy manufactories of the Gnome capital Okapeka, his notebooks are a treasure trove of culinary lore.

Jabbado, Gnom-Barde.

Jabbado and his infamous spoon.


And fear not that you might not be able to get your hands on actual Dragonmeat, or disembowel an Elf to recreate a particular Ork dish. Jabbado has painstakingly researched alternatives for even the most outlandish ingredients, allowing you to indulge in the weirdest culinary delights without breaking the bank.

Be Inspired, and always take your food with a pinch of imagination!