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Naming Recipes – Beginner’s Guide

Every epic experience starts with a name. You would expect a lot from something named “the best food you’ll ever eat”. On the other hand, a dish called “You probably will not throw up afterward” is unlikely to be met with positive feelings. Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Naming

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Fantasy Cooking

Introducing Jabbado. The actual Jabbado.

There is one question about this blog, pretty much hidden in plain sight. The question is “Who is Jabbado?”, and while the obvious answer is that Jabbado is a Gnome with culinary ambitions, there is more to it than that. Actually, there are two points of view that I need

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Fantasy Cooking – an Introduction

Fantasy Cooking is an amazing technique to change the way you perceive and consume food. Is it healthy? Possibly! Is it fun? Definitely! And the best part? It does not require any work to turn an ordinary meal into something amazing! So let me introduce you to Fantasy Cooking with

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