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There is a saying among alchemists: “Everyone can mix up ingredients. To brew a masterpiece requires recipes.” In Jabbados experience, this saying holds true when it comes to food, even though it loses some of it’s explosive potential on the way from the laboratory to the kitchen.

A recipe turns a pile of produce, no matter how good on its own, into an experience better than the sum of its parts. It offers insights into the history and psyche of the people, the culture or the group that has invented and developed it.

But just like recipes change over time, they are not meant to be presented as static things hewn in stone here. They are meant to be seen as living ideas that can adapt to the circumstances. Replacing that elusive ingredient is just as permissible as experimenting in any way, as long as you are considerate of your invited guests.

Have fun experimenting!

Elven Recipes

Striped Cave-Sickler – Dark Elf Meat Loaf Spider

This dish is based on an adventure where the heroes were invited for dinner at one of the characters’ homes. And since they were of dark elf ancestry, a spider-delicacy was served. What started out as a food-of-the-mind reward from the community for helping them quickly transformed into a chance

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Gebackenes Elfenhirn
Orc Recipes

Baked Elven Brain

When, after a decent slaughter, the number of hungry mouths exceeds the usual edible parts of their enemies, Orcs like to expand their menu with less usual body parts. On top of that, elven brain is considered a delicacy. Instead of trying to form actual brain shapes for these meat

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Dwarven recipes

Premium Rat Feed – a Feast for Rat Breeders

These days, premium rat feed can be found on the menus of restaurants in many cities, as long as there is a population of dwarves present. But this dish started out in the dilapidated rat breeding farms in the dwarven mines. There, they produced the supply to meet the growing

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eyestalks on pasta
Cosmic Recipes

Eyestalks on Pasta – a Meal to Behold

Whenever it comes to strange and weird things that excentric adventurers and evil fiends will serve their guests, aberrant eyestalks are very high on the list. They are hard to come by, tricky to prepare, and some say that they are also very hard to eat with that eye always

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Orc Recipes

Grass Stew – Veggie Stew with Noodles and Coconut Milk

In general, Orks are known as carnivores, and it would be wrong to say that they were fond of other food if they have a choice. If they do not, they will teeth-gnashingly resort to vegetables, usually in a Grass Stew. This usually happens after a lost battle or a

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Rat Tails – Cheesy Snack

There is a saying in virtually every culture about using every part of something so that nothing goes to waste. That might be the buffalo for some Humans, the forest for an Elf and the Elf for an Orc. While for the Dwarves, the traditional saying is to use every

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Gnomisches Wegbrot am Stück
Gnome Recipes

Gnome Waybread – Sweet Herb Cookies

Elven waybread satiated with the first bite – because it is impossible do get any more down afterwards. Gnome Waybread however can do much more, because it only satiates after eating quite a lot of it. But opposed to its more well known elven counterpart, it makes you happy starting

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Swamp Dragon Ragout – Ragout with Beer-Nettle-Sauce

Many do not consider the swamp dragon to be actual dragons, because they neither gather a hoarde, nor have they ever been caught terrorising a settlement. They prefer living in peace and seclusion in the swamps of the world. Which is probably why they are being caught and bred to

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Rat Goulash – Goulash with Blue Cheese

Dwarves love eating rats, but sometimes even the hardiest among them cannot stomach those that have had the chance to stew a little on their own before they were found. The Rat Goulash is one of those recipes that turns even those borderline inedible rats into a tasty if somewhat

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Orc Recipes

Fried Orc – Meatballs with Nut-and-Tomato Sauce

One of the most persistent rumors about Orcs is that they will eat their own kind every now and then. Of course, this rumor is nothing but true – after all, some Orcs are not really worth digging a hole for. Which is where the Fried Orc comes in. In

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