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Discovering fifth taste in vintage kitchen laboratory

Spicy Alchemy – Seasoning Powders

Spicy things are good. They are also a matter of taste. And it is perfectly okay to season a meal to your own liking, as well as adding additional seasoning…
Gebackenes Elfenhirn

Baked Elven Brain

When, after a decent slaughter, the number of hungry mouths exceeds the usual edible parts of their enemies, Orcs like to expand their menu with less usual body parts. On…
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Rat Goulash – Goulash with Blue Cheese

Dwarves love eating rats, but sometimes even the hardiest among them cannot stomach those that have had the chance to stew a little on their own before they were found.…

Rat Tails – Cheesy Snack

There is a saying in virtually every culture about using every part of something so that nothing goes to waste. That might be the buffalo for some Humans, the forest…
Fantasy Cooking
Magical scrolls and recipe in old kitchen laboratory

A Gnomish Update

It has been quiet in Jabbado’s Kitchen. The gnome is still around, but I do not let him out as often as I would like. There are many reasons for…

Naming Recipes – Beginner’s Guide

Every epic experience starts with a name. You would expect a lot from something named “the best food you’ll ever eat”. On the other hand, a dish called “You probably…
IMG_20170220_230158 – Kopie

Introducing Jabbado. The actual Jabbado.

There is one question about this blog, pretty much hidden in plain sight. The question is “Who is Jabbado?”, and while the obvious answer is that Jabbado is a Gnome…

Fantasy Cooking – an Introduction

Fantasy Cooking is an amazing technique to change the way you perceive and consume food. Is it healthy? Possibly! Is it fun? Definitely! And the best part? It does not…

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I am Dominic (on the right) and I am here to inspire you. Between projects from my workshop, tabletop roleplaying and fantasy cooking, I am sure there is something here for you. Not to mention the mildly inconvenient cult that has taken an interest in what I do.


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