Spicy things are good. They are also a matter of taste. And it is perfectly okay to season a meal to your own liking, as well as adding additional seasoning at the table (salt being the most common one) to make it taste multiple persons. I want to try something here. A series of articles about things you can make that qualify as seasoning. Maybe even combine them in some kind of self-seasoning toolkit.

The Spicy “Rules”

I want to set up some rules for the entries in this list. Or better yet, let’s call them guidelines.

  • First, it should be something that you can make yourself. That does not mean that you should not buy something similar if you do not have the time or inclination to make it yourself.
  • Second, it should not require anything beyond what I’d call a basic kitchen loadout. If special tools come up I will mention them, because you might still have them, or the end result might be worth it for you to get a new tool.
  • Third, it should be something versatile. This is the vaguest of the lot, but I feel these entries should be closer to “table salt” general than to “X style barbecue seasoning for beef short loin” specific.

Of course, these guidelines are subject to change if the entries in the list below call for it. That does not make them any less of a framework, but it is more meant to give you an idea what to epect than to limit cool things.

The actual Alchemy

Here, you will find a list of things that fit into this category.

  • Nothing here yet. Disappointing, I know. But I have the first thing in the works already!

I hope you’ll enjoy some new tastes and options from this list. Please let me know what you think! The best way to do that is my Discord server.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to Be Inspired!

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